medwiss-extern is your outsourcing partner for pharmacovigilance, information officer, graduate plan officer, medical and scientific services and e-learning.

E-learning reliable, efficient and cost-effective


We advise you in organisation and installation of your company's e-learning platform and prepare your content as well. E-learning is especially appropriate for structured, legally required training material such as SOP training or pharmacovigilance training.

We use preferably the open source e-learning platform moodle. It allows your company to run your own learning system and to provide training opportunities for your staff. moodle is flexible and multifunctional.

moodle allows you to design training courses in a variable way, to make quick adjustments and to add content. It supports self-learning courses, courses with coach feedback and collaborative courses with a high degree of interaction. It can also be used as an attending platform at presentations. After installation a fully functional system is available with complete access to all administrative and course functions.

medwiss-extern supports you to perform reasonable configurations, suitable for your working context. Usually a user or course administration is installed and configured with an individual graphic interface. By request we administer your platform, so that there is no additional system maintenance for you.

Pharmacovigilance training via e-learning

In general, all employees need to be trained in terms of pharmacovigilance. Employees with customer contact need profound training. Learning content should use multimedia and include didactical repetitions, situation analysis, and qualified tests that prove learnerīs qualification. We cover these requirements on our own online e-learning platform, the MedWiss Trainer. Here we care for your customised and tailored courses.

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