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Information Officer according to 74a AMG


The Information Officer of a pharmaceutical company is responsible for all information about offered pharmaceuticals. He/she is responsible, that labeling, package leaflet, SmPC and marketing are in accordance with licensing documents.

Information Officers have to provide know-how in order to fulfill their tasks, for instance through a university degree in human medicine, human biology, veterinary medicine, pharmaceutics, biology or chemistry, and at least two years of professional experience. Legal basis in Germany is 74a AMG.

Three good reasons for outsourcing
of the Information Officer function to medwiss-extern:

Security through professional knowledge and experience
We guarantee secure implementation of AMG and HWG guidelines and the extensive jurisdiction in your company. For this purpose we rely on regular training and long-time experience. We comprehend Marketing requirements and offer support in your promotional attractive presentation of your products. Standard Operating Procedures and other work equipment, optimally adjusted to your company's needs, are at your disposal.

Saving of staff and costs
medwiss-extern allows you to keep valuable human resources free for operative tasks. This is accompanied by saving costs, because medwiss-extern charges only actual expenditure of time, which is often only a few hours per month. Absence due to holidays or illnesses cause no longer problems, medwiss-extern is always there for you.

Simple and fast release procedure
Due to the internet and digital documents communication with our customers works at least as fast as a common circulation procedure in your company. We offer professional support for implementation and documentation of audit-conform procedures. Processing occurs quick and in direct contact with your staff on all workdays of the year.


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